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We have one OBJECTIVE  for our clients and prospective clients.  ADD VALUE to their real estate and ADD VALUE to their real estate experience.

  1. We can provide data and knowledge about your real estate – that we trust will help you make wise decisions.
  2. A real estate disposition is a process that requires a well-thought-out strategy.
  3. The proper and most accurate valuation is critical.  A detailed analysis of all methods is a must.
  4. Where is the market for your real estate, local, provincial or national – we will weigh in.
  5. What can you do today that will enhance the value of your real estate – must evaluate?
  6. What political headwinds could affect your real estate tomorrow?
  7. The savviest real estate practitioners with the same real estate as you – what precedent did they set?
  8. Effective real estate people create win/win with like-minded brokers!

We embrace a challenge to exceed your greatest ambitions.

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National Apartment Industry Services

We sold one of the first apartment buildings in Canada to a pension fund in 1994.  For the most part, prior to that, the market was private, most family enterprises.  Since that time the dynamic of the market has changed significantly.  Large national companies have grown and have significant influences over 12 markets in Canada.  Studying and understanding the national markets could have an influence on your real estate.

Our add-value services include:

  1. Overview of the national apartment market
  2. Market intel – new apartment acquisitions
  3. Market trends and the subsequent effect on markets
  4. Market valuation – we have the experience to offer detailed cost valuations
  5. Market feasibility valuations – affiliations and recommendations
  6. Financing and deal structure analysis
  7. Guidance on the best and most accurate data
  8. Marketing valuation and listing proposals
  9. Affiliations with top Toronto and Vancouver apartment brokers
  10. Rental apartment development – we have the experience to provide consulting
  11. Forward sale consulting and marketing

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Land Acquisitions & Dispositions Services

We have been in the multi-res industry for 33 years; 13 years # 1 Apartment broker in Calgary, 10 years # 1 Multi-Residential land broker in Calgary and 10 years as principal of multi-residential developments. The most over-overlooked and inefficient market is land acquisitions. Firstly, a high percentage of the brokers have limited knowledge of the process and fail to add much value. For some reason, the purchasers allocate insufficient resources to make effective and wise site acquisitions.

  1. The purchase of a site has significant ramifications on the outcome of a development
  2. Proper resources and time should be provided and a land acquisitions strategy formulated
  3. Researching for market intel should be a regular occurrence
  4. A detailed site acquisitions due diligence plan should be carefully planned
  5. Various consultants add an important role in the process
  6. Legal consultation and legal due diligence strategy
  7. The procurement schedule of a site – should be given careful consideration
  8. For financing a site there are many options to consider

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Current Opportunities and Completed Projects

Your Advisors

Harvey Russell

With over 32 years of experience in multi-family and mixed-use real estate in Canada, Harvey Russell is well respected in the Calgary development community and has been fortunate to work and build lasting relationships with some extraordinary developers by bringing the highest level of trust and respect to each transaction. Harvey brings a highly successful approach to land assembly and development, with collaboration and experience.

In the past 18 years, Harvey has been a principal in 13 multi-residential development projects. This experience has proven to be very valuable in understanding the development process and Developers appreciate our abilities to speak to them with an understanding of their concerns.

Harvey Russell


Scott Russell

Scott Russell began his career in real estate and development in 2002 working for prominent residential developers and home builders in the Calgary area. Since then he has transitioned into commercial development and sales and has completed over $700 million in real estate transactions with the focus on investment, Land and Multi-Family properties. He has worked with developers, land owners, senior housing companies and both public and privately funded institutions.

At any given time, he can be found working on multiple projects doing in-depth research including absorption and vacancy rates, pricing per acre on large parcels of land and out of town satellite community.


Joy Daklala

Joy joined NAI Advent in 2021, she is a licensed associate specializing in multi-family and investment sales. Born and raised in Calgary, she is well-versed in Calgary’s top areas to invest in commercial real estate. She can provide a property evaluation and investment proforma to determine current and projected potential returns.

Joy has been involved with several multi-family and retail acquisitions; she enjoys finding investment properties for her clients, you can contact her for any off-market properties she has available.  Whether you are looking to list or buy she is consistent in delivering exceptional customer service to her clients and is committed to ensuring their objectives are achieved.

Joy Daklala